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        辉门suncitygroup太阳新城(安庆)粉末冶金有限公司(FMAP)位于安徽安庆市开发区工业园,是安徽suncitygroup太阳新城官网 (ARN)、美国辉门集团(FM)、日本TPR株式会社(TPR)三方共同投资,生产高性能气门座圈、气门导管和涡轮增压器衬套的汽车零部件企业。于2014年6月开始投建,2015年10月正式批量供货。

        FMAP应用于气门座圈、 气门导管和涡轮增压器衬套的材料在高温耐磨损、 润滑和热物理性能方面表现优异。 其耐磨损和抗摩擦效果适用于各种汽油和柴油气门传动机构和特殊使用环境,比如使用替代燃料或劣质燃料,稀薄和低碳烟燃烧。

        FMAP的高性能粉末冶金材料同样适用于涡轮增压轻量化发动机高温废气、 极端磨损等苛刻的工况环境。

        Federal-Mogul (Anqing) Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd(FMAP) a joint venture of Chinese ARN Group Co., Ltd (ARN), Federal-Mogul Powertrain, and TPR company of Japan, is located in the industrial park at Anqing Economic and Technological Development Zone in Anhui, FMAP produces powder metal valve seat inserts, guides and turbocharger bushings for engine application. FMAP was built start from June 2014 and delivered first SOP parts in October 2015.

        FMAP valve seat insert, valve guide and turbocharger bushing materials are developed to deliver superior performance in the area of high temperature wear resistance, lubrication and thermo-physical properties. The resulting wear and scuff resistance suit a variety of gasoline and diesel valve train configurations and specific requirements, such as alternative and poor quality fuel operation, reduced fuel enrichment and low-soot combustion.

        FMAP ’ s high performance powder metal materials are tailored to serve the specific and extreme tribological requirements of components exposed to high temperatur.


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